"North Caucasian institute of water management and land reclamation construction"


"Sevkavgiprovodhoz" performs complex research:
- geodetic engineering, hydrometeorological, geodetic engineering and hydrometeorological research;
- ecological research;

Carries out design of such facilities:
- water management and land reclamation;
- civil and agricultural construction;
- water and gas supply provision;
- housing and utilities;
- healthcare, commerce and supply;
- storage of petroleum products and gas stations, solid waste landfills;
- power supply and communications;
- development and reclamation of quarries, land management;
- protection of territories and objects of flooding, landslides, debrisflows and other dangerous processes;
- design of hydrotechnical structures on rivers, canals and dams;
- design of structures design for protection against debrisflows;
- design of irrigation of agricultural land, as well as drainage and lowering the groundwater level;

Construction works:
- performs the functions of a general contractor, construction of buildings and structures of Level 1 and Level 2 responsibility in accordance with state standards.

- safety declarations for hydrotechnical facilities.

Performs complex laboratory research of:
- ground, soil, water;
- construction materials;
- quality of construction and installation.

At all stages of design, from research to the release of projects, the institute uses modern equipment, mechanisms and devices that are regularly updated.

All departments of the institute are located in premises that meet modern requirements. Each workplace is equipped with modern office equipment, connected into a single network and connected to Internet.

The basis for the design is provided by the survey departments conducting:
- Engineering and geological surveys
- Laboratory research
- Engineering and hydrological surveys
- Engineering-geodetic and topographic operations